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Customer verification (eKYC)

eKYC – Verify customer with functions:
– OCR: Extract information of customer from Individual Document
– Fraud detection: Detect fraud of Document with:
      + Recapture
      + Face Swapping
      + Photocopy document
      + Blurry photo
– Face Matching: Compare 2 face images
– Verify document information: Compare information of document with Historical Data, verify chip on ID document
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IT application operation

IT application operation service:
– Operate hardware of Application
– Operate Application
– Setup, deploy application and environment.
– Support for resolving problem of application
– Monitoring system and tracking log
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Software outsourcing service

– Software solution consulting
– Build and deploy software package
– Upgrade and maintain software
– Offshore service
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internal management services

– Providing organizational consulting, administration, and risk management of accounting and human resource functions
– Providing internal management services, human resource supply, human resource management, and administration services
– Providing operation services and exploitation services and reconciliation services

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Why choosing BlueTech?

Qualified and experienced software staff

The technical personnel have extensive experience in implementing large systems, having worked at some of the leading prestigious corporations in Vietnam. We are always committed to ensuring good quality human resources, meeting high requirements for service quality.

Professional working process

We have a full set of internal processes and regulations for the development and operation of Information Technology products. Meets ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 has been annually audited and certified.

A spirit of cooperation

We have a separate customer service team to receive comments from customers. In addition, all project members work with the spirit of support and coordination to achieve the best quality for the delivered product.