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eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) service is a service that authenticates customers through electronic methods. The solution allows customers to use the application on their phones to register an account with valid verified information. BlueTech’s eKYC solution is combined with many solutions:

  1. eKYC SDK: Provide an integrated SDK on mobile or web App for customer verification flow, customize flow and interface according to customer requirements, and support all platforms.
  2. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Extract customers’ identity document information using AI and ML (Machine Learning) technology. The service can support all common documents in Vietnam including:
  • 9-digit ID card
  • 12-digit ID card
  • Regular citizen ID
  • Citizen ID with the chip
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  1. FaceMatching: Compare two face photos using AI technology, Machine Learning. Determine the match between 2 photos with >95% accuracy. Combine with the Liveness detection feature to detect portraits taken from photos or devices.
  2. Fraud Detection: Detects document fraud to avoid cases of forgery, detection cases include:
  • Use a photo of a black-and-white document
  • Use a photo of a document taken from another device
  • Use an ID card/driver’s license that has been cut off
  • Use a document with an overlaid portrait
  1. Face Search: Store vector portraits, and search for photos that match 1 input image in the customer portrait database.

Highlights of BlueTech’s eKYC service

High accuracy

  1. OCR service accuracy > 97%
  2. FaceMatching service accuracy > 95%
  3. Accuracy Fraud Detection:
  • Black and white document photodetection > 95%
  • Detection of document photos taken from other devices >80%
  • Angled document photodetection >95%
  • Detection of document photos overlaid with portraits >80%

Flexible service deployment

  Lease services by transaction

– Customers do not need to invest resources, they only need to connect and use services directly from BlueTech’s server. Deployment integration time is less or equal to 5 business days.

– Customers pay based on the number of successful transactions

  Deployment service on client-server (On-premise)

– BlueTech deploys the entire solution on customers’ servers, and customers invest in hardware.

– BlueTech provides technical support according to SLA commitments and regular updates to improve service quality.

  Selected service according to customer needs

– Customers can use a combination of services or each service in the eKYC solution suite: OCR, Fraud Detection, Face Matching