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Software Outsourcing services assist companies to focus on their business, building products, and optimizing costs while they do not have to maintain an IT team regularly. It also helps firms accelerate product deployment to the market and be more flexible in expanding/downsizing without worrying about personnel costs.

BlueTech’s outsourcing services provide customers in the forms of:

  1. Building and deploying software packages
  2. Consultancy on building software solutions
  3. Programming, and testing features as required by customers
  4. Performing contract execution according to monthly resource commitments
  5. Performing data analysis model building

Highlights of BlueTech’s Outsourcing Services

Experienced and qualified personnel

– 100% of IT personnel have a Master’s or University degree

– Experienced personnel structure:

  • Work experience of more than 10 years: accounting for 25%
  • Work experience from 5 to 10 years: accounting for 30%
  • Work experience from 2 to 5 years: accounting for 32.5%
  • Work experience less than 2 years: accounting for 12.5%

Strict adherence to the process that ensures high quality and stability

BlueTech always adheres to a strict control process, meeting international standards ISO 9001; ISO 27001

Moreover, BlueTech has an experienced project management team with more than 15 years of implementing software projects, achieving advanced certification in project management issued by Project Management Institute (PMI).

Experience in implementing software in various fields

  • Internal management software
  • Digital Advertising Service Software
  • Telecommunications sector software
  • Banking Software
  • Image processing software (OCR, Face Match)
  • Big data processing and analysis system

Experience in implementing platforms

  • Programming languages: Java, .Net core, Python, R, PHP
  • Frameworks: Vue.js, Angular, Spring
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql, SQL Server
  • Architecture: Microservice, SOA, MVC
  • Other tools: Kafka, Message queue, Hadoop, Spark, MinIO