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Technological strength, product quality, and professional process

Blue Technology Investment and Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in May 2020 with the orientation of becoming the leading IT company in Vietnam that provides software products, digital transformation solutions, data analysis solutions, and software outsourcing solutions. With the core motto: “Technological strength, quality products, and professional processes”, along with a highly-experienced persona, we are confident in our ability and committed to providing the best services that can satisfy our customers.

We have experience in developing Web, Mobile, Multi-threaded processing, products based on AI/ML technology in the fields of advertising, SMS, OTT, image processing, and data processing. The operating procedures follow the ISO 9001 standard and the information security follows the 27001: 2013 standards. All implementation stages are strictly and methodically controlled to ensure output quality and minimize errors throughout the whole process.

We are confident that customers who choose our products, services, and technical solutions will always be committed to the following values: The highest product quality, the best customer care, the fastest warranty, and the most competitive product prices.

About us
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    With our customer

    We provide our customers with professional, flexible IT solutions and services that meet a variety of needs at a reasonable cost.

    With our staff

    BlueTech is a family, each member is treated fairly, being heard and shared. We respect the differences of each individual and all work professionally towards the goal of the organization.

    With our partner

    We bring to our partners the trust that is based on commitment, collaboration, and reasonable benefit sharing.

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    BlueTech aims to become a professional IT solution and service provider in the following fields: outsourcing, new technology solutions, and system operation that meets the needs of customers in a variety of industries: Telecommunications, Media, Finance, and Banking.

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    Core values

    Professional employees

    Prestige on progress and quality

    Versatile and flexible solutions

    Fair working environment, understanding, and respect for each other

    Collaborate and cooperate for mutual benefits